Dal 2013 certificati per la produzione Biologica.

The Company


The beginning…

The Vinicola Manzulli, located in Cerignola in one of the most fertile areas of the province of Foggia, takes its origins from the winemaking tradition of the Manzulli family, begun in 1906, and the perseverance and foresight of their descendants, in the fourth generation by now.
The natural properties of the soil, the mild climate and its natural ventilation are exceptionally favorable for grape-growing. The Vinicola Manzulli can rely on centuries of experience as well as on the enthusiasm of Leonardo and Maurizio who now want to expand their horizons and create new opportunities for their family and for their beloved land, so benevolent in all these decades.
This development necessarily requires the expansion of the company and of the reference market.


The company philosophy

The irrefutable basic idea for the Vinicola Manzulli is that the quality of the wine is primarily determined by a regular check of the vineyards and its business philosophy is based on a quest for quality, reliability and a commercial offer of wines of controlled origin.
The company constantly dedicates itself to the care of each detail: from viticulture to transformation, and from refining to bottling.


Although the vinification follows traditional procedures, the experience is supported by “guided” technology in order to offer products that meet the most demanding and modern consumers, as well as to meet the high expectations of wine connoisseurs.
Visitors are gladly welcomed to take a tour of the factory since the direct contact with the winery and its products is considered to be the best introduction to the comapany’s offering and the best way to establish a loyal relationship with its consumers.
The company is since 2013 certified for Organic production; in fact, the new plant located in the industrial zone of Cerignola has been realized with the aim to expand to markets other than the mass one and to enhance the overall well-being of a whole territory.
The headquarters of Vinicola Manzulli s.n.c. are in Cerignola in Via Imperia 19 – 21, and Via Gronchi, lot CC5, in the Industrial Zone of Cerignola, where the new plant has been operating for more than a year.
The company, in fact, in the 2000-2006 programming period of the POR Puglia, presented an investment project for a new wine factory processing organic grapes, aimed to produce and commercialize Organic and IGP barrique wines; the new plant covers an area of about 10,000 square meters.
Our wine factory is the only one in Cerignola to devote itself exclusively to this type of processing and this will be a key element in business development.
Currently our factory located in Via Imperia 19-21 in Cerignola, only focuses on the refining, treatment and subsequent packaging of our white, rosé and red wines and of the “vincotto”(cooked wine).
In this regard, our company is the only one in the province of Foggia to be authorized to produce cooked wine, a typical product of the Italian culinary tradition since the time of the Roman Empire.